3 Favorite Honey & Sage Co. Things: Nova's MUST-HAVES


I (Nova) make a lot of products each month. I make all the apothecary herbal products by Honey & Sage Co. Sarah takes care of the crystal work with our malas. We both make what we want for ourselves...so, if you're ever wondering how we came up with that tea, scrub or mala bracelet, we made it for ourself first. Then we make extra so others can enjoy, too. 

Since we are going on TWO YEARS now at Honey & Sage Co., Sarah and I (read more about US, here) decided we'd like to spend some time telling you about ourselves. I'll share here and Sarah will have her own MUST-HAVES post, too. Here goes:

Nova's Favorite MUST-HAVES

1. Nopal + Silk Coconut Milk Bath

This stuff is like magic. The moisturizing effect from the nopal (that's cactus, ya'll) leaves your skin so soft and hydrated. This baby has several functions, though. Use it for a luxurious bath, use as a gentle scrub/mask (I leave mine on whilst brushing my teeth), and use it to soothe irritated, inflamed skin. The base is organic coconut milk and we've added in silk amino acids to make this a solid, winning apothecary requirement. Grab your Coconut Milk Bath here. 

2. Herbal Tea 

People ask me all the time what my favorite tea is but I CAN'T say that. That's like me choosing a favorite child. It changes with the season :) 

I drink tea pretty much every night. It's my sacred wind-down ritual. Add a warm-rice sock to wrap around my neck and a good Netflix saga and I'm DONE. That's self-care heaven to me. Well, add in a good pre-bedtime stretch and THAT completes the ritual. Seriously, though, I love herbal tea. And after ten years of marriage so does my husband, so that feels like success. 

So, if I'm starting or on my period, it's Moontime Tea or Slow Down. And sometimes, even though I am not nor plan to ever be pregnant again, I drink our Honey Womban Pregnancy Tea because it is THAT GOOD (and so does my husband---and NO, it will not make you pregnant.) Other than that, everything else is fair game. I create what calls to me and then I drink it. 

3. Aura Mist

"I need some courage spray." That's what my youngest told me the first two weeks of school this year. So, each morning we'd spray our Aura Mist (Focused Intentions blend), we'd shine his heart, and put a crystal in his pocket. There's something about the olfactory system that is able to quickly shift our mood and create a new environment without actually changing any variable EXCEPT the scent. Our Aura Mists are made with organic hydrofoils (floral waters), essential oils and witch hazel. They are beautiful, gentle, and can be used on the body, face, room or even on your bed sheets. OR...as courage spray for your sweet babe.  I LOVE all of them, but my super-faves are Focused Intentions and Rosy Disposition. Check out our Aura Mists here.

I have more favorites...I use the Calendula + Turmeric Cleansing Grains pretty much daily, the Skin Soother should be in every one's overnight bag, and the Deep Breath Herbal Steam should be a medicine-cabinet staple. But, that wasn't the assignment. Just three favorites (but really, they're all my favorite.)



What's your favorite Honey & Sage Co. apothecary good we make? Have another suggestion? We're always open to inspiration <3

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