Meet Sarah + Nova: Womanhood, Sisterhood, Motherhood + Biz Partners

Sarah + Nova

Several years ago I (Nova) was a midwifery apprentice teaching natural childbirth ed classes at the clinic where I worked. At the time I was also pregnant with my second son. Needless to say, it was a busy time. I met Sarah in my second round of classes I taught. I liked her gregarious jokes and I remember her bringing her pocket calendar book to each of her prenatal appointments. Organized and sassy plus the right kind of funny to keep you laughing and on your toes, we had our babes within a few weeks of each other...our Sagitarrian babies: fiery and strongwilled from their entrance. 

Several months later I was still taking postpartum maternity leave with my son but I was scheming a women's weekend retreat. I knew I needed some help hosting an organized weekend and because I am a self-proclaimed collector of women, I also knew Sarah would be the perfect woman to help...even though I really didn't know her. I sent out an email and she replied without hesitation. Three years later, I'm still calling her to help me with projects and my crazy ideas.  That women's retreat was the first time we worked together and as Honey & Sage emerged from me, she has helped me grow this baby as her own surrogate child. 

Sarah Hugging Nova on the Rare Occasion of Crying

All the things I know that can and are true for relationships between women is consistently reinforced with Sarah. She shows up when it matters, she listens to me cry when I finally break down, she inserts her ridiculous jokes when the tension needs to be broken, and she hustles like a woman who knows how to do the damn thang. 

I had the privilege of serving her as a doula in the birth of her last daughter and I even got to catch the baby in what can only be explained as the quickest fetal ejection reflex in history (the midwife didn't make it in time). 

Sarah, moments before I get to catch her babe


You see, Sarah and I began with birth. We've birthed together our own babes and we are in the postpartum stages of mothering Honey & Sage. Everything we know about our abilities and capacity to succeed comes back to the lessons of grace, gratitude + patience that gets served up daily in the church of motherhood + womanhood. Balancing the two, knowing that they are intertwined yet also different is important, if not utterly required, to maintain a sense of sanity and reprieve from any guilt that might creep in when one part of life gets too big or seemingly overwhelming. 

Sarah, Honey & Sage

Working together as mothers is an inherent framework in our process. Slow, patient growth can be expected with diligence, and in the very least, we understand that the work must be done. Fruit only comes after a series of events that culminate through seasonal changes. For everything has a season and the quicker we get to that knowing, the more grace fills the processes of our lives. 

Honey & Sage is an unfolding reflection of what we are experiencing in our own lives. We will tend it like a rose bush, pruning when necessary, blooming when the time is right. 

Nova, Honey & Sage Founder

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