So how do Care Package subscriptions and shipments work?

  • Subscriptions: The monthly cutoff is the 24th in order to receive the following month's care package. (example: February 23rd order and you'll receive your first subscription care package in March. February 25th order will ship with April's care packages.)   
  • Shipments: are sent between the 13th-20th each month; you will receive a tracking number via email once the shipping label is created. 
  • Renewals: are charged to your credit card on the 16th of each month and pays for the following month's care package.
    • A new customer signing up for a monthly subscription 10 days or fewer before your normal re-bill date (if you are subscribing between the 6th and 16th of the month)  will NOT be charged again on that re-bill date. Your re-bill date will be the 16th of the following month. 
    • Example: Sarah signs up on the 5th of January. Sarah is billed immediately and her first box will ship February 13th. Sarah will be re-billed on the 16th of February to ensure March shipment. 
  • Cancellations: You may cancel at any time. However, if you cancel on the 16th (once your automatic renewals take place) or after, you will receive one final box to complete the transaction and then your account will be considered closed. If you cancel before the 16th, you will not be charged in the automatic renewal and your subscription will be closed.
  • Returns: We do not accept returned subscription care packages or opened apothecary. If you receive a damaged care package or apothecary item, we will do our best to either replace the item (if the good is available) or credit your account for the retail value of the item. We may require picture verification via email to confirm a necessary replacement or refund.
  • Damages: Damaged items must be claimed within 7 days of order receipt for subscription care packages and all ordered items. 
  • Internal and External Use of Goods: Please consult with your care provider before using products that Honey & Sage Co. sends to you. While we do our very best to choose items that are safe for women, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, we cannot guarantee that you should use these goods. So how does this subscription box work.
  • Liability: Honey & Sage LLC is not responsible for any allergies or contraindications that may occur from the use of our proprietary and vendor-featured goods. Please take caution before use by reading all ingredient and usage labels and consult with you care provider.