3 Favorite Honey & Sage Co. Things: Sarah's MUST-HAVES

It's that time of year, ya'll. The season of giving, of sharing, of gratitude and family is upon us. And while gratitude and generosity are the benchmarks of the holidays, and we at Honey & Sage Company have an extra reason to rejoice - it's our birthday!! We've been chasing our better woman, better earth mission for two whole years this month, and we're both proud and excited to share what year 3 has in store - it's going to be magick. 
As part of our birthday month celebration, Nova and I are each sharing a list of our favorite things with ya'll (here are her MUST-HAVES), as inspiration for your own self-care cache, as well as for gifting to a woman you love. I'm loving the opportunity to share my favorites with you now, and I hope you find the same beauty and ceremony in them as I do.


Ya'll. THIS BODY OIL. It's grounding, sexy, and luxurious. After any soak or shower, I take some time to massage my entire being with this blend of rich oils and essences, and it's MAGICAL. There's something so beautiful in taking a moment to touch every place on your body with intention, in acknowledging all your curves and corners, in anointing yourself with beauty and ceremony. The rose and vetiver oils are rich but subtle, and when I catch a little bit of the fragrance on my own skin throughout the day I feel like an absolute queen. Nothing artificial or synthetic, just natural goodness that lingers on your skin and brings magic to the mundane. 


Honey and Sage Co. Sacred Smudge Aura Mist
It's no secret we here at Honey & Sage Co. are frequent smudgers. We love the practice of burning white sage or palo santo as part of an energetic cleansing ritual, whether of our space or ourselves. When you create ceremony for your manifestations, you give them intention and space to grow. That being said - you can't just light up dry wood and leaves anywhere you go - that could be potentially dangerous, not to mention the fact that the smell would pervade a public space. Our Sacred Smudge Aura Mist is a beautiful and light base of white sage and artemesia hydrosols with a blend of cedar wood, sage, and palo santo oils -  a portable smudge ceremony, if you will. To freshen you energy, to clear your work space, to spray at someone whose funk is in your way. 


Honestly, I don't have one favorite of these - Depending on where I am emotionally and spiritually that day, I may gravitate to one or another. That's the magic of crystals, after all - the ones that speak to you at any given moment are said to be the ones you're most in need of. A mala prayer bracelet is a portable reminder to make moments of stillness and meditation - a quick centering, rather than the traditional 108-beaded mala necklaces of eastern spiritual practices. You start at the center of your bracelet, and with each bead you take a deep, cleansing breath and repeat the prayer or affirmation you're in need of in that moment, until you've taken a breath for every bead on the bracelet. These are a beautiful, energetically charged token of intention. Plus, you can stack them and they're gorgeous. 
It's easy to bypass your own self-care during a season in which we focus on giving of ourselves to others, but perhaps this year, it's to yourself to whom you give. The gifts of centering and grounding, of self-love and affirmation, of cleansing and breathing - these are gifts you deserve. Come for the gifts, stay for the love. I hope you find the same magic in these organic provisions as I do - that they refill your cup the way the refill mine, full to the brim so we can keep pouring all season long.

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