Setting yourself up for a successful Postpartum

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I’ve had 4 babies, every pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum different from the other. But the one thing that mattered the most to me was preparing for postpartum with my last 3, which I think many of us forget about until it’s too late and you’re in emergency mode with a baby on your breast, feeling weepy and not sure what to do about it. I wanted to share my favorite tools that supported an easy transition into motherhood but first, let’s talk rest. This is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Stay in bed, even when visitors come over. Let them pick up if the mess of your home bothers them. Let them come to you to visit and see what postpartum is really like for a mother. It’s not your job to put on a show.

postpartum, herbal tea, pregnancy, doula, midwife

Let them come to you to visit and see what postpartum is really like for a mother. It’s not your job to put on a show.

Now on to my favorite tools:

🤱🏽 Himalayan Salt Lamp- I had one of these on my nightstand so that I wouldn’t have to turn on blue light (which interrupts sleep patterns) in the middle of the night for diaper changes or restroom breaks. It gives off a nice radiance that’s super relaxing too.

🤱🏽After Pains-I found Wishgarden Herbs Baby Blues and After Ease really helped with my cramps (those after pains😳) and emotional well-being.

🤱🏽 Restroom Breaks- oiy. Using the toilet after I had my first was excruciating for weeks. My recovery was slow and painful. I learned after having my others that squirting herbs onto my perineum and bottom helped tremendously and sped up recovery! Our Postpartum Steaming herbs are great for this! Just pour hot water over the herbs to steep (I used a French press) and put the infusion into a peri bottle to use once they cool off a bit. I just kept the infusion by my toilet and if the herbs were cold I’d add warm water to the bottle.

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🤱🏽Hydration- obviously hydration is critical to your recovery and overall well-being. I never had an empty mug at my bedside. I kept a large water bottle with a straw full, as well as a large mug of our Postpartum Herbal Tea, which include herbs to help with hormones, pain, recovery, and milk production. Coconut water mixed with OJ is a nice treat too!

🤱🏽Energy- there were times I felt the energy starting to stagnate around me. I purchased a chamomile hydrosol to freshen my linens and calm the space. We also make the best Aura mists, which act as an energy clearing tool and smell Devine! My favorite is our Energy Purifier!

postpartum, breastfeeding, motherhood, doula, midwife, birth
🤱🏽At Arms Reach- I made sure to have a shelf or nightstand with everything I could possibly need for baby and I so that I didn’t have to get out of bed the first week postpartum. This was important for me so that I could properly rest, especially at night when the baby wakes with a wet diaper.

🤱🏽Womb Massage- it is completely unecessary for your provider to pound on your womb as if they are making a giant batch of pizza dough? This is one of the things I love most about learning your own body. You know how to touch yourself. For me, massaging my womb with respect and reverance was a nightly ritual (still an important part of my Holy Wellness routine!). Our body oils, specifically our Jasmin + Sandalwood Body Oil is a perfect blend of silky smooth oils and light scents to bring you out of a funk, relax your muscles, and glide your loving hands across the space that created another human. *This oil can ALSO be used during labor! 

🤱🏽Food- I feel like this is obvious but I made a point to make double batches every time I cooked while pregnant so that I had meals in the freezer for the family while I recovered. Soups freeze easily and they are the perfect food for you as you need easily digestible foods while your organs are finding their way back into place. It’s nice to have friends that bring by food too, though that’s not possible for everyone.

🤱🏽Crafts for other children-my kids LOVE crafts. I was thankful for the craft kits my mother in law put together for my kiddos to entertain themselves while I recovered. Often, the other children are forgotten and have a difficult time dealing with the changes happening so it’s nice to have something fun and special for them to do. 

mamasaritah on Instagram says:

Some things that helped me, that are maybe a little less common: gold bond powder for under my boobs for those crazy hormone sweat attacks and heat rash. I also used rescue remedy spray for random anxiety or if I couldn't fall back asleep after waking in the night. Also having some new good audio books for entertainment in bed.

We want to know, what would YOU add to the list?


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