Self-Care 101: Write Yourself a Love Poem

A few month back I attended a retreat with my gal pal in San Antonio and I wrote this poem instead of listening to the speaker. It's been hanging out in my closet, waiting for me to dust it off. I wrote it for me. But I think you'll see it's for you, too.


Self-Care 101: Write Yourself a Love Poem

Holy Wellness

My body is my temple where I go to worship. 

Yours is where you go to worship, to see, feel, touch, receive, know the divinity that graces our being. 

We are, you are, I AM. 

Prepare thyself in the sight of your Creator, 

Make a table and lay out your feast to share with the plentitudes. 

Your abundance overflows and we capture it and bottle it for another day to use as a reminder. 

When you are full, I can be, too. 

In your fullness, I am full, too. 

In mine, you are. 

My temple is your temple. I delight when I walk into yours. 

I lay flowers and light incense at your alter. 

I give up an offering of love and ask you how I can serve you best by also serving me. 

Your temple is my temple and mine is yours. 

Allow me to help you repaint when the color peels off and apply mortar where the cracks appear. 

Can you please sweep my entrance?

Plant your olive trees and we will extend those branches and press the oil. 

We will anoint one another and say Amen. 

Can I ask you to pray for me?

Pick up the mirror to reflect back my own light?

Tilt your candle toward mine and feel the warm glow of the flame as it shines upon your face. 

As our sister in Spirit Beyonce says, love God herself. 


Photo credit: Kindred Photographer


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