Self-Care 101: Do What You Can With The Season You're In

Self-Care 101: Do What You Can With The Season You're In

There’s a demented idea that many of us hold onto tightly, reinforcing the notion that perfection is this outer limit to constantly pursue and attain. This construct takes over and drives our every move, internal consideration, and thrives off of doubt. We doubt our worthiness, we doubt our enough-ness, we doubt our ability. And then, there is a challenge to overcome. That concept of perceived perfection becomes a carrot on a stick, causing us to blindly walk through a field of available, nourishing greens in order to potentially reach a dry carrot shriveled by the sun. But what if the challenge has NOTHING to do with out there? 

You are here. In this moment and season you have been gifted opportunities and tribulations to work towards and through that are preparing you for what is ahead. But, you are here, now. 

The mundane is where the miraculous lives. The fact is simplicity can take form and flourish amidst ever-unfolding chaos (because, at least, that's what the second law of thermodynamics dictates, anyways...chaos, like your ear bud wires, is always increasingly tangled). It's up to us to put some kind of order to our systems so that we can observe the beauty  We know that seasons shift. Babies are born. Dinner must be made. School releases to the long summer days. Grandmothers and aunties need calling. Are these tasks to be accomplished or checked off? Or are they opportunities to create beauty within the mundane-ness of the moment?

Special events are made special by us setting them apart to be appreciated (our holiday celebrations). But we don't have to wait for a special day to feel or acknowledge accomplishment or health, or the vibrancy of the red, potted geranium on the porch. We don't have to wait for a Saturday to get up and enjoy some slow breathing in the sunshine. 

Self-Care 101: Savor your tea. The laundry and emails can wait.

We can savor our coffee (or Holy Wellness Herbal Tea) from the first sip, reveling in the flavor instead of skipping ahead to the perceived perfection of a completely folded laundry basket that is forever waiting or ruminating on the looming list of email replies.

The dangling carrot is right here and so is a knife with which to cut it down and enjoy. If it's winter, maybe carrot soup is better...maybe carrot salad is preferred in the summer. The point is, there's always a way to enjoy what's right in front of us. 

There is no right way to do it. This season is the setting in which you make an offering of yourself to slow.everything.down. May you be well, sage woman. 



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