Sage Woman Journal: August Moon 2017

Sage Woman Journal: August Leo Moon 2017
You'll find New Moon + Full Moon prompts inside the journal. Click on the image to download. 

This week has been SO THICK with conflict within our communities. I've heard the refrain, even said it myself, "I'm just not sure what to say" about Charlottesville and the heated protests. That's a pretty clear indication that the throat chakra needs to release something important that needs to be said. 

Now that we are in the middle of a loud national conversation (let's be real, it has never gone away) about race/privilege/responsibility/symbols/action/inaction, this month's meditation, I RELEASE, feels like a really appropriate reflection of where we are or, at least, what we need to do. Either we individually and communally release the fear/hate/worry/pain/sickness stuck in our bodies that defines our intra/interpersonal relationships or it is sure to spread. We've got a lot of unpacking to do around racism. 

I Am Enough Right Now

Self care means releasing old wounds so that they may heal. Cleaning wounds isn't a joyful experience and  it's definitely not a painless one. MAYBE it's even more painful than the original trauma because the emotional/physical/spiritual experience is engrained in the cellular memory so it has to be unpacked and replaced with a new memory.I hope this month's Sage Woman Journal helps you to unfold a truth that needs to be aired. You are worthy RIGHT NOW, you are enough RIGHT NOW to speak your truth with grace and compassion. Do your best to Be That Woman, whatever that looks like in this season of your life. When you do, when you choose to do your good, earnest work when and where you can then guess what...better woman + better earth. You can do it. I can do it. We can do it. We can do hard things. 

In Holy Wellness,


Honey & Sage Co Pop Up at Jade and Clover

PS... Join us at Jade and Clover in Dallas for a Holy Wellness Pop Up August 26 + 27, 2017. We're so excited to discuss self-care, what we mean when we say Holy Wellness. Bring your mother, you best friend, your cousin and your daughter. Be that woman <3 


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