Sage Woman Journal: July Moon 2017

I Enjoy Myself, July Leo Moon 2017

The New Moon in Leo is a season of courage and bold action. For most of us we are in the peak season of heat, where even the plants surrender in the afternoon and rest during their battle of survival. As the sun gently relents to the darkening sky each might, a natural lull in your day, or at least the opportunity for the lull is there, where your activity (and of those around you, too) slows.

So I want to know, is it possible to be BOLD in action by seizing that delicious time to rest and conserve your precious energy? There's always something to do. But there's also opportunities for recovery. Are you taking them?

The moon, she is our clock.   

If you can, take some time to consider where you can carve out space in your day tomorrow. Take a step back from your work. Eat a fresh fruit from the farmer's market. Infuse some water with flowers and herbs (check out our suggestions in the New Moon Sage Woman Journal. If you can pull yourself out for a few moments each day to refocus a core desire, the meditation of your heart, doesn't that feel like enjoyment? Can we shift more towards that, at least for a time this season? That way we know what the delicious possibility of actualization tastes like, a sweet satisfaction that, for right here and right now, we know how good things are amidst all the possible things that may be otherwise. 

Persist. And enjoy. That's your right to navigate. 

This month's Sage Woman Moon Journal has entries and artwork for the New and Full Moon. And feel free to forward it to a woman you love! 

May you conserve your energy where possible and invest it wisely.

In Holy Wellness,


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