Mother's Day Gift Guide: 6 Gifts Moms Could REALLY Use + Want

Need some new ideas to make mom feel appreciated this Mother's Day? We've got 6 unique Mother's Day gift ideas that will bring a smile to her face. 

1. A Sage Woman Care Package

Sage Woman Care Package arrives each month as a physical reminder to SLOW DOWN and create space for self-care. Whether it is a monthly subscription or you decide to send one package, women constantly tell us that the Sage Woman Care Package is the best part of the month because it signals them to set aside time for themselves. 

2. A Rad Skin Care Ritual

Organic. Small batch. Made by 3 mother's who GET IT. Send her a daily ritual she will actually use. 

orange blossom + aloe facial toner

3. A Sage Woman Journal

The Sage Woman Journal is a guide women through a woman's seasons and cycles. This open calendar journal is for the woman who is ready to dig deeper and reach her highest potential. Inside:

  • Write-in calendar to start in whatever season you're in
  • 4 weeks of scheduling and note section
  • Seasonal and monthly intention-setting
  • A guide to understanding your Chakra system
  • Soul-prompts that check in with your emotional, spiritual and physical wellness
  • New Moon reflection and Full Moon ceremony
  • Herbal recommendations

4. A Photo Empowerment Session

It's far too often that mothers end up feeling dumpy, with hair in a messy bun, the same worn out shirt (grab a new one from up above!), trying to survive the daily hustle of mom-life. A photo empowerment session could be JUST the thing to help shift the narrative and give mom a new perspective of herself. If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, I HIGHLY recommend Brandi Mata Johnson of Kindred Photographer. She has a way of capturing women in the most beautiful way. 

Kindred Photographer, women's empowerment photography


5. Something DELICIOUS + Helpful to Eat

Sometimes new moms need some additional support in the milk-making department. Sometimes, moms just need a damn good snack. Cookie Abamu of Mylk by Cookie, makes THE MOST DELICIOUS treats to support lactation. BUT, all her goodies can be consumed by lactating and non-lactating folks. Plus she's got vegan options. 

 Mylk by Cookie

6. A Whole Day at the Spa with other Women

In Dallas we have something amazing called the King Spa. It is a Korean spa that has several rooms, each with their own theme and healing properties. These kinds of spas exist all over the country (just make sure to read your reviews). But my favorite space to hang out is inside the hot tub area. Sounds weird, perhaps, but all the women are naked, in all their glorious sizes, ages, textures, and folds. It feels so.incredibly.powerful. to be in a space where women are their to detoxify without shame. You can upgrade the experience with a yoni steam or an hour-long body brushing, which has the odd sensation of being uncomfortable while also amazing. There's almost always a coupon online, and you can get in and out for about $30 if you don't eat...but the price can definitely go up with meals and additional massages. For Mother's Day, this is GOLDEN. 



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