Meet the Founder: Nova Cox on Womanhood, Sisterhood, Motherhood--Building Something that Matters


Mother One Another, founder, Nova Cox of Honey & Sage Co

All the Steps We Take Create the Path

Many moons ago I was a midwifery apprentice teaching childbirth education classes at the clinic where I worked. At the time I was also pregnant with my second son. Needless to say, it was a BUSY time. Like daily pinches-in-my-left-chest kind-of-busy (and make sure baby Aspirin is my purse). 

Several months later I was on postpartum maternity leave with my son but I was scheming a women's weekend retreat. I knew I needed some help hosting an organized weekend and because I am a self-proclaimed collector of women, I reached out to several women who I admired...even though I really didn't know all of them very well. I sent out an email and they each replied without hesitation. 

That women's retreat and my time in midwifery laid the foundation for Honey & Sage. Reach women, serve women, ask for help from women you respect--but also, listen to what your body says to you. Shortly after that retreat I decided to step back from midwifery and step into holy wellness for myself and others in a different way. 

Women's Gathering-Honey & Sage Co, photo by Kindred Photographer

Better Woman + Better Earth

All the things I know that can and are true for relationships between women is consistently reinforced with these women. They show up when it matters, listen to me cry when I finally break down, and they insert their ridiculous jokes when the tension needs to be broken.

For some I've had the privilege of serving as their doula. One, I even got to catch the baby in what can only be explained as the quickest fetal ejection reflex in history (the midwife didn't make it in time). 

Each, I know, share a common theme: we all need to mother one another at some point in different seasons. 

Sarah, moments before I get to catch her babe

Know Your Season

You see, I began this journey with birth. Everything I know about our abilities and capacity to succeed comes back to the lessons of grace, gratitude and patience that gets served up daily in the church of motherhood and womanhood. Trying to balance the two, knowing that they are intertwined yet also different is important, is utterly required.

Motherhood is all about seasons and womanhood is all about cycles. Understanding this helps us maintain a sense of sanity and reprieve from any guilt that might creep in when one part of life gets too big or seemingly overwhelming. For everything has a season and the quicker we get to that knowing, the more grace fills the processes of our lives.

Mayte the Womb Doula, photo by Kindred Photographer

Refill Your Cup

Honey & Sage is a reflection of all the interactions I've had with women. This company is about reminding women to take a moment to refill their own cups--to step into the current season and find the joy that already exists. 

My hope is that the care packages we send out help women to set new boundaries for self-care. Self-care is so much more than luxury and privilege. It is a safe space to recuperate, recover and replenish so we can get back to the good, earnest work each of us is called to do. For each of us has darkness to move through, traumas to process, and experiences that test our emotional/physical/spiritual stamina. 

One thing I know for sure: we should mother one another. For that reason, Honey & Sage is here to help you refill your cup, sister. There's so much pouring to do. 

Nova, Honey & Sage Founder

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