How To Do a Lymphatic Breast Massage

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(Image and post written by Brandi Mata Johnson)
Breast + Lymphatic Oil: Violet + Rosemary

Breasts are cyclical in nature--changing with each month's hormonal shifts. They hold tension, toxins, grief and they also nurture, nourish, and trigger the feel good hormone, oxytocin, when stimulated. Magic, right?

Breast care is more involved than one would think. As a teenager I never considered it significant to care for my breasts. They were just..there. Usually held by a metal underwire bra during the day and a binding sports bra at night (yikes, I know). I thought of them as more of a nuisance than absolute, mind blowing, multi-purpose LIFE GIVING boobies. 

Lymphatic breast massage is a great way to move stagnant energy and lymphatic fluid in and around the breast tissue, especially if you wear a bra everyday. The lymphatic drainage system can only do its job well if we are regularly moving.If our breasts are contained all day, they aren't able to move as they are supposed to. Toxins build up over time and can cause issues if your breasts are stagnant. The practice of massaging your body (not just breast massage!) is easy and effective (especially for your nervous system) and allows you to tap into that inner knowledge we all have, taking your health into your loving hands. You'll start to recognize changes within your body through your natural cycles when you adopt a regular massage practice and what's not to love about that?

lymphatic breast massage

A Few Things

    • You can begin your practice at anytime during your cycle. You may notice more tenderness if you're menstruating but many women who massage regularly notice the practice actually helps with tenderness.
    • Lymphatic tenderness is different than muscle tenderness. You may notice a slight burning feeling. This is ok and will actually get better as you continue your practice. Obviously, if you feel something is "off" make an appointment with your doctor to get checked out. You know your body best and will begin to understand your body's cycles. 
    • Using oil is not a must, but certainly helps. You can use coconut oil, or an infused oil with supportive herbs such as our Violet + Rosemary infused Breast and Lymphatic Oil.
    • Drink a LOT of water afterward so that your kidneys can flush the toxins that you have just moved. 
    • RELAX. Try not to tense your body so that your body can clear stagnation properly. 
    • Take this time to repeat loving affirmations to yourself like this heart chakra centered affirmation- I AM LOVE (click to download this free printable!)

I AM LOVE free printable heart chakra affirmation

Pump, Pull, Palm, Push technique

You'll first want to begin by stimulating lymph flow in the armpit. Do this by placing your left hand on your right armpit and using your fingertips to PUMP inward and upward about 10 times. Again, a slight burning tenderness is normal and may subside as you continue (this is the lymph moving). Then pump the entire breast into your chest wall, moving the energy toward your armpit. You'll notice an increase in warmth and circulation to the area, which is what you want. 

Next, grab your entire breast with both hands comfortably and PULL the entire breast up and toward your armpit a few times. This is a sort of continuation of the pumping only you're really moving the breast now. Listen to your body's signals and follow. 

Because the lymph in your upper breast drains differently you'll want to give it some extra attention. Cupping the bottom of your right breast with your right hand, push the upper quadrant of your breast with the PALM of your left hand. Your focus here is to move that energy toward your right clavicle (collarbone). If you find your pecks or shoulder muscles are sore you may want to focus your energy on this step a bit longer as it can really help soothe that soreness. Flow with your body and move the energy. 

Lastly, with your breast in your hands you want to PUSH your breast back into the chest wall, draining the back of the breast. This will feel really nice to your muscles as well. 

 Ready to level up your breast care game? Check out the most lovely Breast + Lymphatic Oil: Violet + Rosemary and let us know what you think! 

Breast + Lymphatic Oil: Violet + Rosemary


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