Liminal Darkness: I Develop in the Spaces in between

Here we are--we've entered a new year and the busy holiday season is finally over. Life is full force even though the leaves have all fallen and this part of the earth is dormant. January, to me and many I know, feel likes an in between space, like the LIMINAL DARKNESS. 

January: Liminal Darkness

I do not fear the liminal darkness where my potential resides. 

I DEVELOP in my liminal spaces. 

The liminal space is that in between. Between pregnancy and birth--the transition. Sickness and health--the convalescent period. Marriage and divorce--the regrouping. Grieving and peace--the integration. 

That in between is scary. It's scary because often it feels like a never-ending wallowing and there is only a tiny glimmer of what could potentially be better, but only because it's not as bad as what you've just experienced. But as long as we don't allow our bodies (physical/emotional/spiritual) to get STUCK in the thick muck of a previous season, we can emerge as the newest version of ourselves.

The stuckness...that's the rough part. It's the replaying of old habits, old boundaries, and old stories that have been intricately carved into our neural pathways. In these instances we've trained ourselves to be more comfortable in our discomfort rather than committing to the choice of change--expressing agency.

Activation is like the spark of life. It's the conception point where fertilization for newness takes place. Where does that come from though? I don't have a solid answer except what I know to be true for myself and that is my own relationship with Creator. In that liminal space, while dark and unknown, that is also where all the potential resides--just like every other egg and seed that exists. They know nothing of their potential except that they are full of it and can become full expressions of their original purpose. The same is for me. The same is for you. You are full of the original potential that was granted to you merely by your birthright. 

Egg--the Liminal Darkness for Potential

What is natural and normal for us is to move through experiences as seasons, to allow each emotion necessary the time and space for growth, maturation and expiration. That is inherent to our seasonality.  Like King Solomon said, everything has a season. But in order to get out of the muck and the dark liminal space, we've got to try a new method, a new tool, a new friend.mantra.prayer.tea.blessing.focus.something. Amen. 

Chakral Alignment-Activating Agency

Maybe our best tool for activating agency truly is self-care. Not in the expensive commercial products kind of way, but in the actual dedication of time to ourselves--checking in, loving ourselves in the way we want to be treated. If not you, then who? It's up to you, sister, just you, to save yourself. The unfolding evolution of you is a reflection of your choices now. Not yesterday's choices, just the one right now. You are constantly taking little steps that rework the pathways in your body. And sometimes they have to be very deliberate steps. But, we can do hard things when we want and need. This is the foundation of holy wellness. 

Liminal Darkness: I Develop

As you might know, I've been preparing (along with Brandi Mata Johnson--fab photographer behind H&S and Stephanie Green--fab graphic designer behind H&S) something incredibly special which has come to fruition on what feels like Mother Nature's timeline: SLOWLY. 

If you've enjoyed the beautiful artwork in this post, this is a glimpse of the work you'll receive. So in case you haven't seen, may I present the official:


Growth through Seasons and Cycles

Sage Woman Journal

This baby is special because while she does have a (write-in) calendar component that allows you to start whenever you want and keep your schedule tidy, she also is a wellness guide. You'll find:

  • Seasonal and monthly intention-setting
  • A guide to understanding your Chakra system
  • Soul-prompts + chart that check in with your emotional, spiritual AND physical wellness
  • New Moon reflection + Full Moon ceremony
  • Herbal recommendations
  • Write-in calendar to start in whatever season you're in

Order NOW

The liminal space isn't easy. To be frank, each season carries it's own learning curves and skills to master. It is with our greatest hope that the Sage Woman Journal helps you unfold in the intentional way you to desire. 


  • Beautiful. I shared it with several friends and congratulations on your journal ❤️

    Sarah Meyers
  • I have felt so stuck this month. I needed to read this, thank you.


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