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I didn't start Honey & Sage Company with Nova, but I've been a part of the process since inception. A group of us were - we watched and encouraged Nova as she pieced together this business centered around providing the opportunity and tools for self-care for women and mothers, especially in pregnancy and postpartum. We pitched in our thoughts and ideas, we acted as her sounding board and cheerleading squad, and we fell in love with her mission. About six months in, she was ready for some help, and it was a no-brainer for me. This was a woman I admired and looked up to, with whom I’d shared powerful magic (she caught my second baby when my midwife was late!), and one who had a mission I could get behind and speak to.  

Nova’s a Sagittarius. She’s an archer, a goal-setter, a visionary. I’m a Gemini. I’m a chameleon, flowy and open. Although we are astrological opposites, we are both enthusiastic and extroverted, and together we work well with even flow and mutual understanding. As it is, I’m confident that her directional nature and my more mutable one make for a free and flexible partnership that has grown and solidified over the last year and a half. 

I’ve learned so much about myself since joining the ‘Better Woman, Better Earth’ mission. It truly is in my soul to bring women together, to bring strength and light to the burgeoning matriarchy as we hold space for women and invite them to hold space for themselves in their own practice. I’ve learned that I am called to shine as an example, not just of relentless self care as an act of perseverance and self love, but also of the power in vulnerability and openness. Sharing my heart so that others feel welcome to share theirs - making space by taking space. 

 We welcome babes in arms at our Women's Gatherings

Being one of the faces of Honey & Sage Company has put me in the unique position of being looked to for guidance in self-care, which is ironic and humbling. Women speak their hearts to us. The seek more than a bounty of organic apothecary goods. We all have a deep need to fill our cups, but nobody can tell you what you need - only you know that. There's no cure-all - there’s only understanding of where you are in that moment. Now more than ever, I find myself in search of the the needs of my heart, and of my body, of my mind and my spirit. I check in with myself, I work my mala, I take time for ceremony and ritual in my day to day. I look to my sisters for support and affirmation, for reality checks and inspiration. 

Mala prayer bracelet

Every day might not look the same. Some days I forget about self-care, and need to get grounded again. Some days I slay the game and feel like a queen. When we do markets or live events, I feel refilled by refilling, emotionally drained but content in my work. Pouring out can simultaneously pour back in - and that is the beauty of this work.  

The magic that Nova created, that I have the privilege of helping carry out, is a reminder that love is a continuous flow within us and throughout us as a village. With love of self comes the ease to love others, to be loved, and to thrive in the higher vibration of our space. Better woman, better earth. Amen. 

Women's Gathering Altar 

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