Getting Clear on Vision: 2018 Vision Board for Honey & Sage Co.

Honey & Sage Co 2018 Vision Board

Sarah (community wrangler + maker, left) and I (Nova, founder + maker, right) attended the fab vision board gathering hosted by @bosswomenwhobrunch February 24th in downtown Dallas. Let me tell you, they know how to GATHER and it was so very lovely to attend something of value and love put on by other strong women making their way on the world.

Here is the WHY of our vision board (why are we doing this?): Healing is for everyone. We want our self-care goods to be accessible by the average woman.  

We came up with our non-negotiables for our 2018 Vision Board and I wanted to share them with you:

1. We create apothecary and self-care goods that are tools for a woman on her own path toward holy wellness.

2. We won’t overprice our things to push us into a “luxe” category when we can offer craft organic beauty and wellness at a reasonable price. Self-care isn't a luxury.

3. We are committed to creating spaces for authentic relationships where women can gather and magnify one another.

4. Our goal is to be profitable and grow our company so that we can provide solid jobs for more women and in the future, create an investment fund for women-owned companies who resonate with our core mission: Better Woman + Better Earth.  

Honey & Sage Co. Vision Board 2018
Thank you @bosswomenwhobrunch for your awesome gathering and @chriselda for capturing these shots of us laughing together. Sarah and I do that... so much.  

Dreams don't actualize until we speak those meditations of our hearts from our mouths. So, what's on your vision board?

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