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Better Woman + Better Earth
The light comes when it comes. Its not a choice, only the receiving it is the choice. Offered to everyone, but not everyone takes it. Although it's free, there are consequences that come with it, too. Like when it shines through a prism. It either throws off the spectrum of colors or it's magnified and catches something on fire. Both beautiful  in some way, but not the same outcome. ​
Exploring ourselves means detecting the existence or absence of light in our lives. Where do you acknowledge it? Where do you shut it out? We are called to be priestesses of our Creator, but there is a knowing acceptance of that call well before the light starts to shine through you. And slowly, but surely, as you begin to either crack yourself open, you are permeated in an effortless way. Once you are in your welcoming space, your temple, it moves through you, releasing your spectrum of colors...or sometimes burning shit up along the way. It all depends on the trajectory of your life, the path through which the light enters you. 

This may not be easy for us. It's way more beautiful to be in joy in our lives rather than allowing our light to burn up bad relationships, changing ourselves and the way people interact with us. That chemical change can be an excruciating process, long and arduous with the watching and waiting and metamorphizing. Like the heat from a fire that transforms wood into ash, the light in us also has the capability of transformation. On the other end of that energetic process a change occurs, though. That fire that ravaged before now provides nourishment to soil for future growth. Burning parts of our lives in effigy is an acknowledgement of what we must eliminate in order to grow. 

The light does it's work where it is able to creep in: cracks, windows, wide open doors. The amazing thing is that it never leaves. We're constantly moving around it as it shines on and through different parts of our spirit. You and I rotate. We may even hide. But, the light is always there, graciously waiting to reflect itself upon us. 

Light is the power of concession, transferring and transforming our previous selves into new beings. Spaces without it are cold, frigid and stuck in crystalline form. It thaws our darkest, most frigid parts where no others have access. It also protects us like a moat, the flames reflecting upon your temple for potential entrants to observe or dare to cross. There must be caution, though.When your light is in full effect, the protection offered can burn up those who attempt to enter. But, maybe that is a relief for you. 

You have access to your Creator anytime you wish, but that concession that I mentioned above is required. It must be made in your own temple where you do you thinking, worrying, and hoping.  

My question for you is where do you let the light in? Does it shine upon you or through you? Or are you shrinking away from it? NAMASTE, sister. Let your light shine...you never know who needs a spark. 

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