Crown Chakra: I Access My Highest Self

Here we are--we've entered the busy holiday season and even though the leaves have all fallen and we're entering the cold months, there's still SO MUCH WORK TO DO. So what's the lesson?

Crown Chakra: I Access My Highest Self




The full potential of contentment rests in the quietude and stillness of the in between where nothing can be rushed, anticipated, worried about or hoped for. I AM HERE NOW. 

What the eff does that even mean? It means quit trying to speed shit up. Hang tight. Don't panic. It means everything is working out for your best good if you can keep your stuff together and work on being your healthiest spirit rather than piece-mealing haphazard choices together. 

It means when you take the time to sit still with yourself, your Creator meets you there and inspires you-just like breathing.

INHALE:INSPIRE. Inspire means "the immediate influence of God" and then to "breathe into, to blow upon," according to Google dictionaries. Let your breath give you ease. 

Crown Chakra: Deer

Check in with yourself. What habits are you repeating that keep coming back? Because-- you get the lesson you get UNTIL.YOU.GET.IT. 

So, how do you react when you are in a tough or uncomfortable situation? Do you clam up, stonewall, explode? How do you process those emotions? Do you ignore them or try to diminish what happened? Do you deny yourself to just feel by numbing with a substance?

When you are complacent you are complicit. Once you're aware of your habits, there's a turning point. That awareness clearly delineates through your choices whether or not you access your highest self. get the lesson you get UNTIL YOU GET IT. Amen. 

Crown Chakra: I Access My Highest Self

Your highest self, where you meet your Creator and receive vision, intuition, download--those moments aren't necessarily going to come to you in ecstasy...often they come in darkest, earthiest moments of stillness when the fog clears. How are you're navigating those reactionary choices? 

Can you back up? Zoom out? Be still, BE QUIET? Let things fall where there may and settle before you rush in with your choices, decisions, refrains. Like Oprah says, "You are responsible for the energy you create for yourself, and you're responsible for the energy you bring to others."

Crown Chakra: I Access My Highest Self


Our patterns shape our trajectory. So imagine how observing them and redirecting them could shift your life. Claim your life...and reclaim it again and again because self care is soul care. Write down your patterns, observe, and recalibrate with our Sage Woman Journal. It's time for you to be in charge of where you go. 


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This baby is special because while she does have a (write-in) calendar component that allows you to start whenever you want and keep your schedule tidy, she also is a wellness guide. You'll find:

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