Autumn Abundance: My Fullness Takes Nothing Away From Your Fullness

My fullness takes nothing away from your fullness

The act of coveting what another has is what takes from our fullness, be it perceived physical desire, financial stability, social status, or opportunities,  Jealousy is the thief of joy. It's folly to think that someone else's fullness takes anything from our own fullness. Abundance is an individual pursuit. It is fulfillment of joy, regardless of circumstance.  

It's not a stretch to say that most of us, at one time or another, experience imposter's syndrome, that we are faking our way through life. Or, we hold on to the idea that someone else has attained x,y, or z by acting as an imposter. We come together in moments where we let our guard down and disclose our true feelings to another. It's a side of vulnerability that we don't often share because, perhaps, it makes us feel weak. But in those moments of sharing, we come to realize that each of us has something that burdens our hearts. There is nothing unique or special about these cement-weighted burdens. They drag us all down. 

Spending our precious time focused on feelings of jealousy or worrying about discrediting someone else's abundance, blocks our joy. From that position we cannot focus on our own good earnest work that fill us up. No matter what... we each have to do the work. But there's only so much time and energy to spend. So we have to make an important decision: On what are we focusing. Is it someone else's work or our own?  


Dance Like Everyone Is Watching


Joy is not a zero-sum game. My joy takes nothing from you. Your joy takes nothing from your neighbor. So, to hold steadfast onto the shoulds of your life or someone else's...THAT is what keeps you from your own fullness.

Your provision of joy is always accessible to you, by you, for you. You need nothing from me or others to access it. Lest you doubt this, take some time to write down or say aloud all of the things for which you are grateful. Acknowledgement is the first step in your fullness. Accessing your gratitude is the second. Practicing is the work of our lives. 

What jealousy block can you put down by acknowledging what you are grateful for this season?

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