7 Rituals to Create Space for Holy Wellness for You + Your Family

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We don't have to succumb to the artificial busy-ness of life. Taking time to create space for holy wellness can be simple, calming, and give big returns for you and your family. Here are 7 easy ways to get started down a more easeful path.  

1. Gratitude Circle

This simple practice, especially when done in the morning, can really help direct the trajectory of your day. You can make it as ceremonial as you want by incorporating white sage, incense, or some other smudging blend to burn. 

My husband and I ask our sons to make a circle of pillows on the floor. I typically light a stick of incense (we really like Auromore) and we sit down on the floor together. The smallest often begins first (when you are first getting into the practice, parents can take the lead until the kiddos get the hang of it.). We light the sage or palo santo (see our Ceremony page) inside the smudge bowl (If you are worried about burning anything, we've created a Sacred Smudge Aura Mist that works beautifully, too!). At first it was a little scary to permit the smallest to hold the smudge bowl since it was very hot, but most often he is careful as he wafts the smoke over his body and then he places it on the ground in front of his lap. Obviously, though, anytime you light something around children, take caution and use close parental supervision.

Sage Smudge
Each one of us takes a turn to say what we are grateful for. Sometimes, the circle is smooth and we, as parents, are amazed at the wisdom and kindness that comes from our children's mouth. And, we are grateful to hear one another think outloud with intention. Sometimes, the circle is more like a circus with lots of giggling and interrupting and rolling around. It's not about perfection, it's about intentional action and engagement. Working daily with this practice is rewarding (and sometimes there's a little typical parental annoyance when you get too stuck controlling the process). Let it flow. Work at it. Reset your trajectory.   

2. Pulling a Card

There are many card decks that might speak to you. Some people put a great emphasis (or even a negative stigma) on the use of cards, but I see them as a tool. Before I do anything, I set the space. I dim the lights, clear the physical space of clutter, light an incense or candle (or both), and spread my cards out. I close my eyes, say a prayer and ask that my heart be opened by my Creator to see the message I need at this moment. 

For several months now, this has become my Sunday night ritural. It's something I look forward to taking the time and setting my goals for the coming week. Once I pull the card and read about it, I'll place it in my sacred space (you might use the word alter) so I'm reminded during the week of my intentions. Often I will also write about my card and how I feel in repsonse to it in my journal. This record-keeping allows me to go back during the year to reflect and compare my intentions and goals to what actually transpired. 

A few decks that I really enjoy are the Mother Wisdom Deck and the Animal Spirit Deck by the Wild Unknown. 

3. Meals by Candlelight

Candlelight dinner is something we do during Advent of the Christmas season, but my littles love it so much they ask for it nightly. We turn down the lights and light our candles before we begin dinner. It helps to calm the mood and sets the tone as we begin to unwind for our evening bedtime ritual. They also love blowing out the candles. Again, just be cautious with the fire and hot wax since it sometimes splashes back with their exuberant blowing skills. 
Dinner by Candlelight

4. Make a Phone Call

We're already connected to our phones most of the time, right? So why am I saying to pick it up again?! I believe in the useful and necessity for actual conversation. Sending a text is easy, but it is also the laziest way to let a person know you are thinking about them and really confers no emotion other than what you can construe with emojies and projected tone via letters and blue screen. 

It is important to emotionally connect with our family and friends. It's important to remind them that we are thinking about them just as it's important to receive those affirmations from the folks we love. You may not get to chat for a long time, but even leaving a message for someone you care for can brighten their spirit. 

It takes very little actual effort to make a call and the payout can be huge for your happiness quotient. I can't tell you how many times I've called someone and they responded with "I was just thinking about you" or "I really needed to talk, how did you know?' Human connection isn't fluff. It's important to the vitality of our spirit. Pick up the phone and make the call. You'll be glad.

5. Make a Pot of Tea

Hardly anything feels more nourishing in your hands and your children's hand than a warm cup of herbal tea. There is ceremony in the whole process from putting the water on to boil, to waiting for the herbs to steep, to nuzzling the warm mug in your hands and allowing the steam to gently lick your face as you slowly sip. My boys always ask me to make them tea (they LOVE our Slow Down Holy Wellness Herbal Tea). It's a beautiful way to slow down and nourish yourself and the family. 
Make Your Tea

6. Smudge or Light Incense

Sometimes we just need to shift the energy in our space and the quickest way to do that is by introducing a new aroma to stimulate our olfactory response. Smudge (White Sage or Palo Santo) are traditional ceremonial herbs and wood that are used. They are lit and allow to gently smolder as smoke rises to purify the air. Incense (our favorites around here are crafted by artisans from the nonprofit company Auromere using all natural resins and herbs) also quickly and quietly shifts the energy by infusing the air and your space with beautiful smells conjured from herbs, resins, and fine oils. We love our Aura Mists, too...which are organic floral hydrosols blended with essential oils. My sons love Valiant Heart for courage and I love Focused Intentions when I'm trying to direct my energy toward a task. 

7. Go Outside to Pray

There's something uniquely peaceful about praying outside. I've noticed that when I go to my favorite place (it's an abandoned chimney where a house once stood) that the wind seems to whip me around and the birds sing louder. I speak outloud and let the meditations of my heart float into the air so they may land wherever they need to. It feels good to say things outloud. It is like making a promise to yourself or, dare I say it, invoking a spell, that can't be revoked except by divine intervention.

It's one thing to say your prayers internally, inside your head. It's a whole other experience and engagement when you commit to them outloud. Amen.   
Pray Outside

What is your favorite ritual for Holy Wellness? 

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