5 Summer Wellness Essentials

Honey & Sage Co. Tea Ceremony
Summer has come, and with it the sunshine and outdoors that the season has come to signify. Don't let the sun and heat dry you out - here are 5 Honey & Sage Company essentials to keep you hydrated and moisturized inside and out. 
Tea. A ritual and ceremony on its own, but with a twist. The time and intention of brewing a cup of tea, but this time it's on ice, ready to deliver its nourishing and hydrating benefits while cooling and refreshing. 
A rich, fruity blend of herbs and spices that makes the perfect iced tea. Packed with vitamin C rich herbs and berries, our Vibrant-C gives your body a summertime boost that feels like Agua Fresca. 
 There's a reason 'minty' and 'fresh' are always paired. A MINTY iced tea is the sweetest way to hydrate and nourish your body in the summer heat. Fresh mints combined with nettle, alfalfa + red clover to bring a sweet chill to your tastebuds. 
Honey & Sage Co. Iced Tea Recipe
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Honey & Sage Co. Coconut Milk Bath: Nopal & Silk
3. Coconut Milk Bath: Nopal & Silk

Bath? In summer?! Hear us out. This luxurious formula has soothing nopal (cactus!,) hydrating coconut milk, and SILK amino acids can used in a bath to hydrate DEEPLY post-sun. If that's not enough, this multipurpose GEM can be used several times a week as a FACIAL MASK for delicious moisturization. 


Want Happy Skin? The mask is SENSATIONAL, but it shines brightest when teamed up with our skincare dream team. Toner and Soother, in that order, right when you wake up and after you wash your face at night. Follow up with a Coco mask two or three nights a week, and you're a glowing, hydrated summer goddess. 


Honey & Sage Co. Facial Toner


4. Facial Toner: Orange Blossom & Aloe

Don't let the sunshine dry you out. This gentle facial toner is a light blend of balancing and soothing flower waters, aloe vera, and witch hazel that is gentle enough to use first thing in the morning and after a day of fun in the sun. 



Honey & Sage Co. Skin Soother: Aloe & Helichrysum


5. Skin Soother: Aloe & Helichrysum
Our original after-sun SUPERSTAR, now the perfect facial moisturizer. This is the MOST complimentary formula of balancing and soothing aloe vera, hydrating sunflower oil and calming essential oils that all come together to cool, moisturize, and restore. Do we love a multipurpose product? We KNOW we do, so make sure you keep this powerhouse handy for damage control against mosquitos and sunburn! Lavender and peppermint oils help cool and soother, and aloe is queen of healing. 




Honey & Sage Co. Facial Cleansing Oil

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