5 Simple Rituals for the Summer Solstice

5 Simple Rituals for the Summer Solstice

With each change of the season, it's important to set aside time for special celebrations and rituals. This helps us recognize that within the every day mundane, there are moments of beauty to celebrate--even if we have to create those moments. 

So here's a few ideas you can try to create ritual and celebrate the Summer Solstice. 

Water Bathing, Honey & Sage Co. Image by Kindred Photographer

1. Get to the water. There's a reason immersion is so powerful in religion. Submerging ourselves in a beautiful body of water can be a pivotal shift in a season. I'm not saying to trespass and enter...but I am saying keep your eyes open for opportunities to take a dip in clean, beautiful water. Echinacea by Kindred Photographer, Honey & Sage Co.

2. Take a nature walk and sketch the currently blooming flora. Everything changes with each season, but how often do you take notice of what's naturally growing around you? Maybe start a field journal to mark down your observations with drawings, weather conditions and what plants surround it. 

Making Herbal Water, Photo by Kindred Photographer3. Make sun tea. I'm willing to bet that almost everyone has a childhood memory of drinking a glass of sun tea. Pick your favorite herbs (dried herbs or fresh work) and fill the jar about half-way. Cover with water and then place the lid. Set the jar in a sunny place for about 6 hours and let it steep. Strain (or don't!) and put the rest in the refrigerator to keep for a few days. 

Summer Solstice Flower Arrangement, Honey & Sage Co.

4. Make a wildflower bouquet. Again, not telling you to trespass, but find a place you can pick what's blooming seasonally and put it in your favorite vase or mason jar. Flower arrangements have an uncanny ability to lift one's mood so put them all over the house and one on your bathroom counter. 

Summer Solstice Women's Gathering, Honey & Sage Co.

5. Host a women's gathering. It's important to have a group of supportive women in your life. Create an invitation (a FB event, group text, e-vite, etc.) for a simple women's gathering. Here's a few suggestions for success:

  • Set the time for a few hours. It doesn't need to last all night. 
  • Host in a home, a public park, a friendly business--FREE is key
  • Make it a potluck
  • Encourage attendees to bring someone they love
  • Make it a kid-free space, but consider including babes-in-arms
  • Sit in a semi-circle to show your space isn't closed; if you're in a public space, consider asking a few people to keep their eyes open for outside observers...you never know who needs to join a circle--but they often need to be invited to join. 
  • Lastly, have ONE main question to which everyone can respond/interact. Examples: What act of courage do you need to invoke? What dream would you like to manifest this season and what are the very next steps to make it happen? 
  • Most important--whoever shows up is who needs to be there. There is no pressure for a gathering to be any one way. Be open to exactly what it is. 

What are you favorite Summer Solstice rituals? 

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