5 Simple Rituals for the Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox Rituals + Ceremony
The Spring Equinox is a beautiful time to plant new intentions for yourself and create a gentle plan to cultivate the way you are choosing to become in the world. 
Here's 5 simple rituals to celebrate the Spring Equinox and wrap up the winter season. 
I Cultivate Myself
1. Choose a Mantra. 
A simple phrase helps to focus your attention and intention when things start to feel out of control. Write it on your mirror so that you see it each time you brush your teeth or use the bathroom. Or use canva.com to create a wallpaper for your phone so that each time you pick up your device, you are reminding yourself of your mantra before you dive into social media and unnecessarily compare yourself to others. 
Keep a journal with your intentions so that you can reflect back and measure the changes you've made. Our Sage Woman Journal isn't dated so start when you want and write out your goals. 
2. Bury an Egg. 
Write your intentions on an egg. Dig a hole in the ground, bury your egg with dirt and flower seeds. As you do this, say your intention out loud as a prayer. Water the seeds accordingly--as you tend to that egg and those seeds, you will be reminded of your intention. 
Spring Equinox Ritual: Bury an Egg
3. Take an Herbal Bath. 
Sometimes slowly soaking in a luxurious with candles lit, a mug of your favorite beverage and a journal can help reset us. You can pick fresh flowers or herbs to add to your bath, use dried, or choose one of our I Am Salt Soaks--each one has a mantra infused into the blend. 
4. Take an Herb Walk. 
What better way to celebrate the change of season than to get outside and purposefully notice what is growing in season? EVERYTHING HAS A SEASON. A few herbs (some may consider them weeds--meh, call it whatever you want) you'll notice in the spring are cleavers, violets, clover, and dandelion. Do a quick search to identify these precious babies and sketch them in your ongoing herbal journal or Sage Woman Journal
Spring Equinox Ritual: Herbal and Flower Walk
5. Make an Herbal Infusion. 
Use an ounce of dried herbs to a quart of boiling water. Cover and steep over night. This herbal goodness gives a boost to body and spirit by integrating all the important nutrients for your chosen herbal ally. Pick a single herb like oatstraw, nettle or chamomile or use blend like our Slow Down Herbal Tea
Spring Equinox Ritual: Herbal Infusion

What would you add to your special Spring Equinox list?

Spring Equinox Rituals

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