20 Simple Self-Care Tips to Practice

We promote self-care as a daily practice and not a product to buy (although, we do have amazing herbal tea and salts...just saying). For a healthy well-being, though, we really need to make self-care a part of our daily life, not something special or added in when there's time. It's a line item on the budget, not something for the extra category.
Soaking in a bath
Self-care is foundational to health and wellness. It's our bodies strong root system that nourishes the rest of our being and likely, we could all use a little more of it. 

So, here's 20 simple self-care tips to a healthier well-being:  

  1. Scheduling and keeping the dentist appointment--cardiovascular health is linked to dental health.
  2. Throwing out the holey underwear and socks and buying new ones--we even deserve new period panties while we’re at it.
  3. Eating the piece of chocolate--but also taking time for personal inventory when we feel the need to eat three bars instead of a few small pieces.
  4. Going for the walk and listening to the birds chirping--they remind us that tweeting is something that happens in real life in appreciation to the natural environment.
  5. Washing and folding the laundry--extra clutter can be stressful and this is an easy fix.
  6. Acknowledging the signals our body gives and respecting them--maybe I don’t need caffeinated coffee in the morning if I’m having heart flutters. I’ll find a good indie decaf roaster I love or try herbal tea.
  7. Making a hair appointment--sometimes a new haircut can be a transformative experience that moves us into a new season.
  8. Taking care of a plant--there’s something so satisfying about nurturing a plant throughout seasons and observing it bloom. Try an orchid or a succulent to get started.
  9. Moving the body--we don’t have to be bogged down with the idea of committing ourselves to a big fitness routine. Loud music and dancing is great cardio and can easily make us sweat.  
  10. Drinking enough water--our entire body (from joints to the vagina) thrives better when it is well lubricated.
  11. Sleeping when our body tells us it needs it--that last email, that last dirty dish and that last Netflix show can wait ‘til tomorrow.
  12. Writing down a few reflective thoughts each night--we can more easily see our own patterns when we document them. A small bedside journal or notebook will do.
  13. Touching the earth--connecting our bodies to the earth and digging toes into the grass is instantly calming.
  14. Relaxing in a bath regardless of fancy bath bombs--hydrotherapy can sometimes be a game changer when stress or illness is lurking. For extra benefit, add epsom salt and follow it up with a self-massage using a body oil.
  15. Communicating emotions--it’s so very important to discuss our stumbling blocks and stepping stones with those that help can us move into a new season and evolve.
  16. Honoring the body--our temples are the human suits that adorn our Spirits. Time in gratitude for the work and support our bodies offer can soften hard expectations and relieve unnecessary, limiting beliefs.
  17. Surrounding ourselves with loving company--our energy goes where our attention flows. Spending time with people who lift our vibration is like balm to the soul. 
  18. Eliminating activities/habits that no longer serve us--when X (smoking, drinking, gossiping, etc) makes us feel like crap afterward, taking steps to limit the participation will help us one day eliminate it. Note: cold-turkey doesn't work for everyone, so be gentle as you work to realign your values. 
  19. Choosing joy--when negative thoughts or emotions creep up or when a partner or friend brings it into our space, sometimes a simple affirmation aloud can completely shift the experience: "I CHOOSE JOY."
  20. Creating opportunity to gather--we don't have to wait for someone else to invite us to a thing. Set a date/location (public parks are great!), make it potluck, have an activity/topic or DON'T. It doesn't matter if 2 or 20 people show up. It will be lovely. 

Women's Gathering, Honey & Sage Co.

Did we miss one? Tell us what we need to add to our requisite self-care tips. 


  • It’s so important to practice self-care on a daily basis. These are some great suggestions. Thanks for sharing.

    Wellness Coach St. Louis, MO
  • I will love to.reserve more motivation quotes…it was lovely to read it..


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