18 Self Care Truths for Us All

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Self care is an annoying buzzword right now... it really is. But it isn't a trend. Self care is a practice that builds resiliency so that when the shit goes down (BECAUSE IT DOES FOR EVERYONE AT SOME POINT), we've got some tools to get it through the emotional, phyisical, and spiritual muck that threatens to keep us stuck in old patterns and seasons. So here it is: 18 self care truths for us all. 
  1. Scheduling and keeping the dentist appointment--cardiovascular health is linked to dental health.
  2. Throwing out the holey underwear and socks and buying new ones--we even deserve new period panties while we’re at it.
  3. Eating the piece of chocolate--but also taking time for personal inventory when we feel the need to eat three bars instead of a few small pieces. Minimize judgement while maximizing enjoyment. 
  4. Going for the walk and listening to the birds chirping--they remind us that tweeting is something that happens in real life in appreciation to the natural environment. 
  5. Washing and folding the laundry--extra clutter can be stressful and this is an easy fix. 
  6. Acknowledging the signals my gives me and respecting them--maybe I don’t need caffeinated coffee in the morning if I’m having heart flutters. I’ll find a good indie decaf roaster I love or try herbal tea
  7. Making a hair appointment--sometimes a new haircut can be a transformative experience that moves us into a new season. 
  8. Taking care of a plant--there’s something so satisfying about nurturing a plant throughout seasons and observing it bloom. Try an orchid or a succulent to get started. 
  9. Moving the body--we don’t have to be bogged down with the idea of committing ourselves to a big fitness routine. Loud music and dancing is great cardio and can easily make you sweat.  
  10. Drinking enough water--our entire body (from joints to the vagina) thrives better when it is well lubricated. 
  11. Sleeping when your body tells you it needs it--that last email, that last dirty dish and that last Netflix show can wait ‘til tomorrow. 
  12. Writing down a few reflective thoughts each night--we can more easily see our own patterns when we document them. A small bedside journal or notebook will do. Or keep a dry erase marker in the bathroom. Love notes to yourself on the mirror can be a powerful way to focus your intentions. 
  13. Touching the earth--connecting our bodies to the earth and digging toes into the grass is instantly calming. 
  14.  Relaxing in a bath regardless of fancy bath bombs--hydrotherapy can sometimes be a game changer when stress or illness is lurking. For extra benefit, add epsom salt and follow it up with a self-massage using a body oil
  15. Communicating emotions--it’s so very important to discuss our stumbling blocks and stepping stones with those that help can us move into a new season and evolve. 
  16. Honoring the body--our temples are the human suits that adorn our Spirit. Time in gratitude for the work and support our bodies offer can soften hard expectations and relieve unnecessary, limiting beliefs. 
  17. Community care--checking in and checking on people who love you is so friggin’ important to our soul. We are built for relationship and although vulnerability is seemingly THE LESSON (in one way or another) of each of our lives, pushing ourselves to open up, ask for help, receive assistance, and give it--y’all...this is self-care. Vulnerability leads to…
  18. Soul care--Self-care is soul care. All of it--the rituals, daily practices, the relationships, the lessons, the opening up, the resiliency-building...ALL OF IT is soul care. Over and over, we will get the lessons we get UNTIL WE GET IT. And then, my friend, the lesson comes again, but it’s less of a punch in the face and more of a way you mirror your experience to the world so other people can learn to navigate their hardships just a little better. 
What would you add to this list? What is self-care to you and how do you do it your way?

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