10 Ways to Celebrate May Day


☀️Happy May Day, loves!☀️ What a time to celebrate! We as a collective are processing A LOT right now. You may feel heavy and dark. You may want to stay in bed and cry, or numb, or grieve all the shit. And that’s ok.

Our ancestors were no stranger to hard times. They survived hardships and experiences that I can’t even wrap my head around. They also knew how to celebrate!

Let us tap in to the energy of our ancestors and find the light. It’s calling us☀️ Today I’m teaching my girls of the Celtic traditions and I thought I’d share. Perhaps you’ll feel inspired to take a walk outside and pick some wildflowers too.

10 Ways to Celebrate May Day


🌸Make a flower crown with wildflowers
🌸Bake some bread and smother it with honey! (Bee’s represent fertility)
🌸Sprinkle dried herbs in a white candle. You can use some of the calendula in the Sacral Balance tea we sent out in the April Care Package!
🌸Build a (bon)fire and feast around it
🌸Write your intentions on ribbon and hang them from tree branches
🌸Bake sugar cookies and decorate them with flowers
🌸Write your intention on an egg and bury it in your garden, or in a pot of flowers
🌸Decorate your home with yellow flowers
🌸Wear white
🌸Drink peppermint herbal tea

There are no rules when it comes to finding your ritual or ceremony. The intent of the ceremony is what truly matters.

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