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Matcha Melody: Energy + Mood Support

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Matcha Melody is blended to be the perfect energy and mood support and reduce biological stress.  

🌻🍵🎶Upgrade your day with Matcha Melody: mix with hot water and a bit of ghee/cream/milk; or add your favorite smoothie 

Key Ingredients: 

👊Organic Matcha for consistent energy and antioxidants for stress support

👊Moringa for anti-inflammation support; known as the "Miracle tree"

👊Maca for mood support; known to increase energy levels, vitality and endurance

👊Damiana is known to support the nervous system 

👊Shatavari is known to be beneficial particularly for the female reproductive system, helping with moisture and movement

🍵Drink your stress-supporting herbs 🍵

Ingredients: Matcha Tea, Moringa Leaf, Maca Root, Shatavari Root, Damiana Leaf, Stevia Leaf (All Organic)

Net Weight: 2 oz 

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