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A monthly subscription for our tea lovers! 

Each month we'll send you our featured organic herbal tea/blend of the month, specially blended to support you in the season. 

January: Golden Milk Immune Support featuring turmeric and warming spices ($20)

February: Vibrant-C Immune Support Tonic featuring elderberry, hibiscus, and red raspberry leaf ($12)

March: Matcha Melody Mood + Energy Support featuring matcha, shatavari, damiana, and moringa

April: Sacral Balance Sexual + Digestive Support featuring shatavari and calendula

May: Chamomile Chai Core Warming Support featuring rooibos and chamomile

June: Sun Tea Cooling Tonic featuring hibiscus, spearmint and holy basil ($12)

July: Nourish-Mint Heart Tonic featuring peppermint, nettle, and alfalfa ($12)

August: Slow Down Nerve Support Tonic featuring chamomile, lemonbalm and oatstraw ($12)

September: Cacao Power Stress Support featuring cacao, ashwaganda root, astralagus root, and shatavari root

October: Beautiful Mind Brain Nourishing Tonic featuring holy basil, lemonbalm, roses and rooibos ($12)

November: Divini-tea Ritual Bliss Tonic featuring cacao, coconut and rooibos  ($14)

December: Wassail featuring traditional holiday spices for mulled wine and cider ($14)