Essential Oil: Serenity Aromatherapy

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Serenity Aromatherapy Essential Oil is 100% pure, organic aromatherapy blend of Fir Needle, Black Spruce, Cypress, and Pine essential oils. 

This refreshing blend supports the Heart Chakra toward peace and joy. 

Fir Needle: a woody, bright oil that is known as the "forest healer" because of it's stress-relieving properties

Black Spruce: a fresh, anti-inflammatory oil that supports the respiratory system

Cypress: helps clear up congestion, thought to stimulate happiness in times of anger

Pine: uplifts and boosts emotions, purifies the air and promotes relaxation from nervous tension

How To Use Your Essential Oil: Diffuse a few drops of oil onto the lava stones of your I AM Serene Aromatherapy Mala Bracelet or into your room diffuser to shift your mood and inspire you to be present in your joy. 

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Consult with your care provider before using any essential oils or herbal products. Not intended for use during pregnancy or for children. TOPICAL USE ONLY.