Breast + Lymphatic Oil: Violet + Rosemary

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Breasts are cyclical in nature--changing with each month's hormonal shifts. They hold tension, toxins, grief and they also nurture, nourish, and trigger the feel good hormone, oxytocin, when stimulated. 

Our Violet + Rosemary Breast + Lymphatic Oil is the most delicately scented massage oil. Infused with soothing violet leaf, stimulating rosemary and cooling calendula, this blends is to be used regularly to support healthy breasts. 

Use the Breast + Lymphatic Oil for:

  • monthly breast and neck massage when feeling for new bumps and changes--getting acquainted with these changes helps us to realize what changes are normal!
  • to help reduce inflammation from a clogged duct from breast-feeding or pumping
  • to help reduce pain and soreness associated with PMS symptoms 
  • to help move and release grief from the heart chakra 
  • to create a healthy appreciation for the weight this part of your body so frequently carries

Ingredients: Infused Sunflower Oil (violet leaf, rosemary, calendula)*, Castor Oil*, Vitamin E, Violet Leaf Absolute*, Frankincense*, Rose Absolute* (*Organic)