Matcha Melody: Energy + Mood Support

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A delicious organic blend of matcha green tea and adaptogenic herbs known for their female reproductive, mood, and energy-supporting properties, including maca and shatavari, to be included daily as part of your holy wellness routine. 

Directions: For refreshing morning or afternoon latte, blend about 1/2 tsp. with warm water or your milk/cream of choice. Sweeten with honey. Or, add 1/2 tsp to your smoothie in the morning and blend. 

This is a limited-stock item, blended only for the spring season! Once these are gone, they will not be available until next spring season!

Ingredients: Matcha Tea, Moringa Leaf, Maca Root, Shatavari Root, Damiana Leaf, Stevia Leaf (All Organic)

Net Weight: 2 oz 

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