Essential Oil: Focus Aromatherapy

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Focus Aromatherapy Essential Oil is 100% pure, organic aromatherapy blend of Bergamot Mint, Japanese Peppermint, Rosemary, and Sweet Orange essential oils. 

This is a focus-supporting blend for the Sacral Chakra that is wonderful to be used during times of when you need to focus your work and creativity while also being calm.

Japanese Peppermint: also known to reduce stress, open respiratory passages, and get rid of headaches/migraines. 

Bergamot Mint: mildly citrus and gently minty, this essential oil supports stress management

Rosemary: a stimulating essential oil known for aiding memory, and focusing the mind during studying or long drives

Sweet Orange: boasts mood-boosting anti-depressant qualities, as well as purifying air from viruses. 

How to Use Essential Oils: Diffuse a few drops of oil onto the lava stones of your I AM Fierce Aromatherapy Mala Bracelet or into your room diffuser to during times of illness or when feeling low energy. 

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Consult with your care provider before using any essential oils or herbal products. Not intended for use during pregnancy or for children. TOPICAL USE ONLY.