Vitamin C Boost

Vitamin C Boost Tincture: Rosehip + Elderberry

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A supportive blend of vitamin-C-rich herbal allies to boost the immune system during illness, stress, and weariness. Slightly warming with ginger and elderberry, this particular blend is great when you feel fever setting in. Warmth is need to help move heat through the system. 


  • Not to be used during pregnancy

Usage: Use a full dropper up to 3 times a day when support is needed. 

Dear herbal user, we ADORE herbal support and encourage every one to get know these powerful plant allies, BUT--this is just ONE part of holy wellness. CTFD is more than a tincture. It's a daily practice to integrate through rest, meditation, nature, reading, singing, baths, massage, etc. Be well. Stay well. 

Ingredients:Ingredients: Alcohol, Glycerin*, Rosehip*, Hibiscus*, Lemon Peel*, Peppermint*, Elderberry*, Ginger* (*Organic)