Menstrual Support Care Package, Care Package - Honey & Sage

Menstrual Support Care Package

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Each month our bodies move through a natural cycle. Taking a little extra time for a self-care ritual helps us to more deeply connect to this cycle and understand our own rhythms. As your body naturally reminds you to slow down, it's important to honor your body's signals so that you can emerge from your moon cycle re-energerized.
This care package is intended to help one develop a daily ritual of womb wellness with an herbal tea, vaginal herbal steam, aromatherapy oil roller, body oil and mala prayer/meditation bracelet.

Included in this care package:
  • Moon Time Herbal Tea, Red Raspberry + Valerian (1.8 oz)
  • Moon Time Anointing Oil Roller, Patchouli + Clary Sage (8 ml) 
  • Rose + Vetiver Body Oil (3 oz)
  • Ritual Vaginal Care Herbal Steam (To be used between bleeding cycles. Do not use during menstruation) (1.8 oz)
  • I Am Cyclical Mala Prayer Bracelet