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Cacao Power: Stress Support Tonic

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Cacao Power is a supportive blend of cacao and adaptogens to calm a stressed body (recovering from cold/flu/allergies/fatigue/intense emotional seasons). We've chosen a powerful mix of well-researched roots and spices to blend in with your morning ritual cup of coffee, smoothie or even to make a solid cup of rejuvenating hot cocoa. Keep it simple or dress it up in your own concoction. You'll love it as part of your daily wellness. 

To Blend: mix with hot water and a bit of ghee/cream/milk; blended in coffee or your favorite smoothie. Customers have also suggested adding to oatmeal and yogurt bowls!

Key ADAPTOGENIC Ingredients: 

  • Ashwaganda Root: an adaptogen known to reduce biological stress and anxiety
  • Shatavari Root: said to promote fertility and be beneficial particularly for the female reproductive system, helps with moisture 
  • Eleuthero Root: supports cardiovascular system, alleviates fatigue and known to promote faster muscle recovery (like after working out!)
  • Astralagus Root: supports cardiovascular system and known to calm inflammation
  • Licorice Root: calms stomach irritation

Ingredients: Cacao Powder*, Coconut Milk Powder*, Ashwaganda Root*, Astralagus Root*, Shatavari Root*, Eleuthero Root*, Cinnamon*, Licorice Root*

Serving Size: 1-2 tsp/day

Net weight: 2 oz 

Please consult with your care provider before consuming an herbal products. Not intended for use during pregnancy or for those who have high blood pressure.

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