Coconut Milk Bath + Mask: Rosehip + Myrrh, Coconut Milk Bath - Honey & Sage

Coconut Milk Mask: Rosehip + Myrrh

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One of our seasonal LIMITED EDITIONS,  Rosehip + Myrrh Coconut Milk Mask will be your new favorite, must-have self-care apothecary good. 

This LUXURIOUS Coconut Milk Mask is blended with a fragrant blend of brightening Rosehip and skin-soothing Myrrh.

Apply it as a face mask and leave for a few minutes. Gently massage skin to buff and exfoilate. You'll be IMPRESSED with the texture and feeling of your silky, refreshed and supple skin. 

Ingredients: Coconut Milk Powder*, Rosehip Powder*, Myrrh*, Frankincense, Sodium Bicarbonate (*Organic)

Net Weight 2.55 oz