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Special Edition: Mother's Day Care Package

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Send a special edition Mother's Day Care Package this year to remind mom (or yourself!) to take a moment and appreciate her good, earnest work as a mother. 

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The Mother's Day Care Package is valued at $84 and includes:

Slow Down Herbal Tea: One of our best-selling, SOOTHING herbal teas, Slow Down is the ultimate relaxation tea that's gentle for every one in the family. Sip slowly while reading a book or taking a bath. Made with organic chamomile, lemon balm and oatstraw. ($12)

Jasmine + Yarrow Cleansing Oil: An organic blend of clarifying + calming oils, use this facial oil in the evening to cleanse the face from makeup or use a few drops after washing and rinsing to seal in moisture and soften skin. ($20)

Aromatherapy Mala Bracelet: Use the Lava Rock (calming and essential oil diffuser) to dropper your favorite essential oil. Bracelet styles may vary. ($24)

Clear Crystal Point: Thought to amplify energy, crystal quartz has been used around the world as a spiritual talisman. It's also used in electronics to aid programming and connectivity. Place it in a window just out of sunlight as a reminder to focus your intentions. ($12)

Preserved Rose: a preserved, natural rose that will stay soft and beautiful for many months. No watering needed! (Colors may vary). ($16)