Immune Support Care Package, Care Package - Honey & Sage

Immune Support Care Package

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When illness strikes, these are the goods to have on hand to support your immune system and get well soon. It's a GOOD idea to have this care package stored in your home medicine cabinet just to be ready. 


Golden Milk: When you're achey and low on energy, drink a mug of this nourishing liquid gold to help move illness through your body. It's like a cup of rejuvenation. 

Vibrant C Herbal Tea: Brew a batch of this immune-supportive herbal tea blend to keep hydrated and for extra Vitamin-C. Drink it hot or iced. 

I Am Well Salt Soak: When you feel terrible, take a long soak in this sweat-inducing blend. Epsom salt helps relax achey muscles, turmeric and ginger help get things moving. (Those will blood pressure issues should consult with a physician before using this or any other therapeutic practice.)

Protected Essential Oil: Add Protected Essential Oil to your essential oil diffuser (3-5 drops in a water diffuser or 1-2 drops if you wear diffusing jewelry). This blend is concentrated and isn't meant for direct application to the skin.

Protected Anointing Oil Roller: This roller can be directly applied to the skin for extra support in times of illness (when you are ill or are around others). Apply to the palms of feet and hands and the neck. 

Consult with your care provider before using any essential oils or herbal products. Not intended for use during pregnancy or for children. TOPICAL USE ONLY.