December Sage Woman Care Package,  - Honey & Sage

December Sage Woman Care Package

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Send our festive holiday edition care package. Choose from the Sage Woman (5 items) or Holy Wellness (3 items) Care Packages. Includes:


  • Honey & Sage Wassail Herbal Tea: Simmer this fragrant blend with your favorite cider or wine for a special holiday drink. (Sage Woman + Holy Wellness Care Packages, $12)
  • Honey & Sage Rosehip + Myrrh Coconut Milk Bath + Mask: Take a luxurious soak or apply as a softening face mask with our seasonal Coconut Milk Bath + Mask. (Sage Woman + Holy Wellness Care Packages, $28)
  • Honey & Sage Protected Anointing Oil: Carry it with you everywhere and apply to your neck, palms and bottom of feet for extra immune support during times of illness. (Sage Woman Care Package, $14)
  • J M Artworks Ornament: Our annual ornament is a special tradition. This beauty is hand-painted with love by artist Jessica Musgrave. (Sage Woman + Holy Wellness Care Packages, $7)
  • Bee Lucia  Inspired Candle: During the darkest season of the year, write your intentions for being light in the world by candlelight. (Sage Woman Care Package $12.95)