Build Your Own Care Package

Build Your Own Care Package

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Build your own care package that includes and Herbal Tea, Body Oil, Bath Soak, an incense and crystal (we choose the incense and crystal for you!). 

Herbal Tea

  • Cozy (ginger + cacao): warming and digestive support, contains caffeine 
  • Nourish-Mint (mints, nettle, red clover): nourishing and soothing, especially for the throat, caffeine free
  • Divini-tea (coconut + cacao): creamy and perfect for the afternoon
  • Beautiful Mind (holy basil + calendula): mental clarity and awareness, caffeine free
  • Slow Down (chamomile + oat straw): relaxing and soothing, caffeine free
  • Chamomile Chai (spicy chamomile and rooibos):  caffeine free

Bath Soak

  • I Am Energized: citrus + eucalyptus, refreshing
  • I Am Grounded: rose + patchouli, earthy
  • Am Peaceful: lavender + ylang ylang, calming

Body Oil

  • Rose + Vetiver: sensual and earthy
  • Jasmine + Sandalwood: sensual and meditative (not for use during pregnancy)
  • Lavender + Ylang Ylang: calming and peaceful
  • Neroli + Frankincense: meditative and soothing