Aura Mist Collection,  - Honey & Sage

Aura Mist Collection

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Complete Aura Mist Energy Collection (7 variants): 

1. Rooted Wisdom / root chakra / Organic creation of tulsi hydrosol and an essential blend of sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and patchouli. Use for grounding and protection.

2. Focused Intentions / sacral chakra / Organic creation of lemongrass hydrosol and an essential oil blend of peppermint, grapefruit and sweet orange. Use to focus, cool skin and quell nausea. (Not for children's use).

3. Valiant Heart / solar plexus chakra / Organic creation of eucalyptus hydrosol and essential oil blend of frankincense, litsea cubeba, black spruce, bergamot, lemon eucalyptus, and clove. Use to freshen air, boost courage, keep bugs away.

4. Rosy Disposition / heart chakra / Organic creation of rose hydrosol and rose essential oil. Use to lift emotions and as a facial toner.

5. Peaceful Spirit / throat chakra / Organic creation of neroli hydrosol and an essential blend of rosemary, petitgrain and juniper. Use to calm and as a facial toner.

6. Clear Vision / third eye chakra / Organic creation of lavender and rosemary hydrosols and an essential blend of lavender and Douglas fir. Use for mental clarity and as a facial toner.

7. Divine Being / crown chakra / Organic creation of frankincense hydrosol and essential oil of frankincense. Use in meditation and as a facial toner.

Add our best-selling Sacred Smudge Aura Mist to your Aura Mist Energy Collection (8 variants)

8. Sacred Smudge / complete chakra / Organic creation of white sage and artemesia hydrosols with an essential oil blend of cedarwood, palo santo and sage. Use to freshen air, calm nerves, and for ceremony. (Not intended for pregnancy)