Body Oil: Rose + Vetiver

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Our luxuriously light organic Rose + Vetiver Body Oil is a sensual and grounding blend that quickly absorbs into the skin leaving you silky + nourished. This unique blend is made up of organic camellia seed oil (from the green tea plant), sunflower oil, argan oil and healing anti-inflammatory evening primrose oil. Infused with sensual rose and grounding vetiver essential oils, we add organic rosebuds to impart additional beauty into your daily massage ritual. 

This heart-opening Rose + Vetiver Body Oil is perfect for the daily ritual of self-massage, especially during your monthly moon (menstrual) cycle, and to bring awareness to your sensuality.

Ingredients: camellia seed*, sunflower oil*, argan oil*, evening primrose oil*, vitamin E, essential oil blend of rose + vetiver*


3 fl. oz.

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