Goldenrod Tincture,  - Honey & Sage

Goldenrod Tincture: Allergy + Sinus Support

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Goldenrod is a "weed" and this particular wild-crafted tincture is hand-harvested from Texas in the fall. This is a great tincture to keep in the home medicine chest and pull out when snot runs amuck.  

Primary Benefits

  • Decongestant for upper respiratory congestion stemming from allergies, cold, and flu
  • Drying sinusus, especially thick mucous (YUCK!)


  • Not to be used during pregnancy
  • People with allergies to plants in the Asterceae family should avoid using goldenrod

Usage: Take 1 dropper-full every 4-6 hours with plenty of water. It is a DRYING herb so you will need to support your system with good fluids. 

Ingredients: Organic Alcohol, Organic Glycerine, Wildcrafted Goldenrod (Solidago spp.)