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Immune Support Care Package

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Boost your immune system and stock your medicine cabinet with 6 of our best, supportive apothecary goods.

This wellness care package includes:

  1. Elderberry Immune Boost Tonic (2 oz.): a daily dropper-full for immune support or a dropper-full every 3 hours when illness sets in.
  2. Golden Milk Joint + Immune Support (2 oz.): drink an evening cup of Golden milk for immune support to promote sleep and ease inflammation or drink during cold and flu onset.
  3. Deep Breath Herbal Steam (1.8 oz.): a steam to help loosen phlegm in the chest and open sinuses.
  4. I Am Well Salt Soak (9.5 oz): a long turmeric + ginger soak helps to sweat and relax the body, moving toxins through the body.
  5. Deep Breath Anointing Oil Roller (6 mL): sinus-opening essential oil mix to roll under nose and on the neck.
  6. Protected Anointing Oil Roller (6 mL): and immune-supportive essential oil blend to roll on one's neck and the palms of hands and feet.