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I Trust Myself: Sage Woman Care Package

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One of our customer favorites, I Trust Myself Sage Woman Care Package focuses on the ROOT CHAKRA. That means we're paying special attention to overall health and wellness, pleasure, sensuality and vibrant living.

Choose from the Sage Woman (5 items) or Holy Wellness (3 items) Care Packages. Includes:

  • Honey & Sage Vibrant-C Herbal Tea: Packed with vitamin C-rich herbs and berries, our Vibrant-C gives your body a wellness boost. The berry color deepens the longer you brew it and is lovely sipped hot or cold, (Sage Woman + Holy Wellness Care Packages, $12)
  • Honey & Sage Rooted Wisdom Aura Mist Created with the root chakra in mind, mist yourself to instill a sense of  grounding and protection. It's one of our GO-TO blends for anxiety. (Sage Woman + Holy Wellness Care Packages, $18)
  • Honey & Sage Personal Postcards: Send an affirming note in the mail to a woman you love. (Sage Woman Care Package $2.99)
  • Honey & Sage Ritual Vaginal Care Herbal Steam: Herbal steams gently open pores allowing the herbal constituents from the plant matter to gently enter your system, leaving you refreshed, calm and nourished. (Sage Woman Care Package, $16)
  •  Selenite + Flourite Massage Wand: (Sage Woman Care Package $7)  Selenite and Flourite make up this massage wand. Use it for reflexology and personal massage to calm your body and spirit.
  • Chocolita Strawberry Passion: Dark chocolate and strawberries combine with Maca, Damiana, Passionflower, and Ashwaghanda to explode your passions and open your heart. ($4.99)