CTFD Tincture: Holy Basil + Lemon Balm

CTFD Tincture (Calm the F*ck Down): Holy Basil + Lemon Balm

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Gentle, but powerful, this blend of nerve and heart supporting herbs come together as a droppered dose of CHILL. Take a full dropper in the morn to help calm your system down and to help recover quicker when the load you're carrying has been heavy. We could all use some extra chill these days.

Primary Benefits

  • Herbal nervines either have a tonic (toning/suporting) role or calming role
  • Adaptogens are a class of herbs that are hormone modulating and increase the body's resistance and recovery response to stress, supporting the body's ability to cope with emotional, biological and physical stress. 

Key Ingredients

Astragalus: recognized as the KING of herbs to tonify the immune system and is known to help with fatigue and recovery. 

Holy Basil: an adaptogen, is known to be helpful in times of high levels of stress. 

Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng): an adaptogen, Eleuthero is an immuno-modulating herb and is known as an energy tonic, helping to support recovery. This special herb was the focus of many studies from the 1960's and 1970's on Russian olympic athletes with results indicating positive results in endurance, recovery and endurance. Eleuthero is one of the most studied herbal allies on record showing efficacy.


  • Not to be used during pregnancy

Usage: For general support to relax and have restful sleep, take 1 dropper-full before bed time. For times of extra stress, take 1 dropper-full up to every 4-6 hours with plenty of water. 

Dear herbal user, we ADORE herbal support and encourage every one to get know these powerful plant allies, BUT--this is just ONE part of holy wellness. CTFD is more than a tincture. It's a daily practice to integrate through rest, meditation, nature, reading, singing, baths, massage, etc. Be well. Stay well. 

Ingredients: Alcohol, Glycerin*, Holy Basil*, Lemon Balm*, Astragalus*, Oat Tops*, Rose*, Eleuthero* (*Organic)