Aura Mist: Energy Purifier

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Energy Purifier is our portable cleansing mist. This ethically sourced blend of special medicinal plants offers support to calm your nerves and the space around you whenever you need to call upon ancient wisdom. 

Use: Spray on yourself or the air around you. Also makes a fantastic facial toner! (Not intended for pregnancy)

 Key Ingredients: 

  • White Sage - is believed to banish negative energy, used in ceremony and rituals by many cultures. We source from a third generation organic family farm. 
  • Cedarwood - a calming and astringent antioxidant
  • Palo Santo - traditionally used for lifting spirits and energetic cleansing. Sourced from a sustainably maintained farm. 

Ingredients: White Sage Hydrosol*, Spring Water, Witch Hazel*, Plantamulse, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Essential Blend* of Cedarwood, Palo Santo, White Sage (*Organic)

2 fl oz.