Spring Equinox Women's Gathering

For the Spring Equinox this year, I decided not to host a big women's gathering. For some reason I had a weird hesitancy. We just moved into a new space and the Honey & Sage office was still in the works. As it turns out, I ended up coming down with the worst stomach bug and I was so thankful I listened to that hesitant voice so that I could rest instead of stress for canceling an event.

Instead, Sarah and I hosted a small, private tea party for a few women in our community.  We invited a handful of women and a few babes, too. 

White Stock

No grand schemes played out, no lesson or lecture, just a beautiful gathering of women, flowers to arrange, tea and feasting. Oh, and laughter...always laughter. We shared some big plans with one another and we got the chance to showcase our new space and our new Honey & Sage Apothecary line.

Sage Woman Mala Bracelet + I Am Salt Soak

Holy Wellness Tea

In the meantime, we had the chance to reconnect with women who love us and acquaint ourselves better with our new fab photographer, Jordan. She'll be capturing our goods from now on and we're so grateful for her eye and skill. 

Honey & Sage Tea Party, smudge

Want to come to the next gathering? Sign up here. 

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