Challenge Yourself - Summer Solstice Self Care Retreat

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Each month, we send out a meditation to the Sage Women who subscribe to our care package, something to be mindful about and reflect on. For June, the meditation is "I challenge myself..."
This upcoming solstice, women will gather. Honey & Sage Company is hosting a two-day retreat out in North Texas, with the sole purposes of reminding women to stop and refill their cup to the brim. So often, we are caught in the glorification of the hustle, the madness of the every day, the need to be busy and productive and fierce. Sometimes, the  challenge is to slow down, to put ourselves first, to honor our own temple, our 'church,' to refill our cup that we may learn not to run on empty. 
There will be sisterhood and community, energy work, and laughter. There will be womb and soul care, meditation and movement. We will share the wellness products of our apothecary, to share with our sisters the magic of organic and intentional wellness. 
Come join us, and bring a woman you love to our table. We'll start Saturday morning of June 24th, and spend the day honoring ourselves and each other. Saturday evening we'll have a beauty-full, beautiful dinner as a family around a great big table full of delicious nourishment and joy, and Sunday morning we'll continue our movement towards fulfillment. We'll wrap up around noon on Sunday. 

There are three ticket options based on sleep accommodations. You can find them here. 

We look forward to sharing space with you, Sage Woman. Bring your heart, and your cup. It will leave filled. 
sisterhood and sage and tea

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