Autumn Abundance Dinner & Auction



A week ago, we co-hosted our very first benefit event - our Autumn Abundance Dinner and Silent Auction, right here in Dallas, at the Dallas Farmer’s Market. In partnership with Taylor Milbauer of The Boho Market, we set up a beauty-full table full of intent and ceremony, around which gathered some 20 women from all walks and from all over north Texas.


The city as our backdrop, the sights and smells of fall at the market, and a group of women seeking to gather, and to give, and to grow. This was the stage for our evening. Pumpkins and preserved roses from T & C Floral Company lined the dinner table, along whose benches women gathered - there was no guidance or agenda this night, just the free flow of ideas and stories, a filling of cups and of bellies. The food - oh, the food. Chef Ben Zimmerer of Rex’s Seafood created a beautiful and delicious menu for our evening, and honestly I can’t wait to dine with them again. Their care over our gathering was second to none. 

 women's gathering dinner event rex's seafood market tuna steak dinner

The sweetest finish came from our soul sister, Cookie of Mylk by Cookie - a couple dozen of the most phenomenal honey, sage, and fig cupcakes, enough to make your mouth water just thinking of them… 

abundance benefit dinner 

Tables lined with a myriad of handmade and uniquely crafted wares stood to one side - each donated to our cause by craftresses, healers, Boho Market vendors, and each of us. Every item went home to a woman who needed just that in her life, and every dollar tucked away to send over to our friends at Circle of Health International. 


When women gather, there is an alchemy that takes place, and a group of people around a table becomes a catalyst for magic and change. We joined forces for this night to raise funds for an organization that serves a cause dear to us - they render aid to mothers and babies in under-served and disaster-affected areas, both nationally and abroad. They are currently on the ground in Puerto Rico, serving women and teaming with local midwives so as best to allocate their efforts and finances. 

honey and sage company  Taylor Boho Market

We couldn’t be prouder of the turnout that night. Of these women who give selflessly, not just of themselves, but TO themselves as well. Keeping our cups full keeps us filling the cups of others, that is no question. To all who gave to our evening, we thank you from our hearts. To the auction donors - your crafted magic went to a loving home, rest assured. To Rex’s Seafood and to MYLK by Cookie, our tastebuds and bellies are grateful. To Whitney Roger's Photography - thank you, sister, for capturing the beauty of the night, as always.  And of course, to the women, our sisters, it was a joy to share space with you, and to connect, and we are humbled by your love and generosity. 


Gather. Give. Grow. 


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