Autumn Abundance Dinner: September 28, 2017

Autumn Abundance Dinner with Honey & Sage Co. + the Boho Market

This September 28 from 6:30-9PM, join us, Honey & Sage Co. and The Boho Market, for dinner at the Dallas Farmer’s Market, with meals created by the brilliant folks at Rex's Seafood at the Market and desserts by Milk by Cookie, and a silent auction in support of Circle of Health International, a medical relief nonprofit that supports women and babies in war-torn and environmental crises.  

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When women GATHER, the embers start to glow. Feeding one another with their warmth, we spark the flames inside one another. This event is a beautiful occasion to stoke the fire, to make connections and to share the meditations of our hearts, as moving parts of the same vehicle that is propelling itself into greatness. Tickets available here. 


Women's dinner charity event

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, we will GIVE of and to ourselves in a night of community and goodwill. There will be a silent auction stacked with beautiful goods and provisions brought to us by local women in business, women who make, design and create, women who curate and collect, women who are making waves in their own communities. All proceeds from this auction, along with a portion of ticket sales, will pass directly into the hands of our sisters at COHI, so that they can better serve women who are so deserving of care. RESERVE YOUR SEAT HERE! 


 circle of health international maternal and newborn support

Collaboration is key for us to GROW. It is of utmost value to collaborate, to lift each other, and to be lifted in turn. Right there with refilling our cups is refilling the cups of those without the means to do so for themselves. As an organization with deep ties to the worlds of womanhood, birth, and motherhood, we know how imperative it is for women to have choices and aid in their reproductive health, as well as in their birth stories. We have chosen to host this Autumn Abundance Dinner as a BENEFIT for our friends at Circle of Health Internationalmeanwhile, each of us will walk away with new and strengthened relationships in our own community.

When we serve each other, we serve a greater purpose, we give hope to our sisters and to our future. That service fills our own cups, too, because there is magic in the giving of ourselves to potentially change the life of someone who will never know our name. There is alchemy that comes from joining forces to co-create and collaborate, to serve ourselves and serve others. We are molding our world into a more unified and fulfilled version of home, while we sit at handmade tables by Love Has Won Designs and have a night of revelry and sisterhood, laying groundwork for powerful alliances and magic in the future. 



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  • What a great event! If you’d like to auction a private yoga class, I’d be happy to offer it! Let me know if it’s something you’d like to talk more about!

    I just bought my ticket and am so looking forward to this!
    Thank you,

    kelly halloran

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